Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saturday afternoons with and Pixie

I'LL be at a loss this weekend following my last two Saturdays, the first nearly two weeks ago I met up with a number of women bloggers for a photoshoot and then a long lovely boozy lunch, then last Saturday I met up with a group from Pixie for a special tour of the Guinness Storehouse as part of their new monthly photographic competition.

I should have written about both of these things before now but I just haven't had time to never mind the fact that I have to still go through pics from Scotland, so far I have just managed to work up to the point where we fixed our puncture. More on that when I get to finishing the pics.

But back to two Saturdays ago when myself, Grannymar, Annie (and her pal), Gaelick, Zeta and the girls from Beautie met up for a photoshoot for a future Irish Times article. Between the Grannymar's clamberings all over a sofa, great girly craic over a long boozy lunch and then the biblical rain at the end of the day, I couldn't think of a more fun way to spend a Saturday. Keep an eye out for the article in the next couple of weeks and many thanks to Beautie for organising the afternoon :)

Pic by Grannymar, sort of, well it was taken by a 'toyboy' waiter on her camera but still its hers...

Then last weekend a group of us from Pixie were lucky to be part of a special tour of the Guinness Storehouse before it opened to the public. The tour was organised as part of the Storehouse's monthly photographic competition, more details available later in the post.

So on the first morning of my two-week holiday I was dragging myself out of bed at 7am to meet up with everyone else at 8am. Course I was a little late and found myself wandering around places in Guinness by myself. Lisa from the Guinness Storehouse was brilliant explaining the set up of the building, whats going on where before leaving us to our cameras and the empty building. The morning in the Storehouse was finished up with a wonderful breakfast before pints in the Gravity Bar. It was a really great day and seriously excellent to get such an exclusive tour of the place particularly given how busy it is once it opens.

I would have liked to have chatted more with some of the other people taking part whose names I only know through Pixie but I'm sure we'll get more things organised in the future. You can read more about our day at the Guinness Storehouse on the Pixie blog where you can also find out details on how to enter as well as links to blog posts by others who took part.

So onto to the pics, here are some shots from the Guinness Storehouse, with more to come as soon as I get to them :) You'll find more on Pixie.


Window cleaners



Martello Tower -  from the Gravity Bar


So after those two excellent Saturday afternoons, I'll be at a loss this weekend with nothing planned :(


Grannymar said...

We had a fun day together. Times will tell (pun intended) if we behaved! ;-)

Eve said...

The pics from the Guinness Storehouse are awesome! I especially love the 2nd pic. The lighting is awesome!

Iris said...

Seems like a great outing! Can judge from the huge grins from all of your face:)

Nathalie said...

Great pics!

And hey, there's a photowalk tomorrow @ 11am -

It says it's full, but Darren and McAWilliams assure me more people can join!

Not sure if I'll be able to make it yet.


aphrodite said...

Fab pics - I love the Gravity Bar! You know when you go up in the glass lift though and you're supposed to feel like you're in a pint glass? I can never see it - I can never see those magic eye pictures either. Perhaps there's something terribly wrong...

Salubri said...

Yup, the photowalk was great... I actually found your name tag at one point but couldn't find you so I gave it to Lisa to give back... I spotted you at the breakfast and was going to come over and say hello (you were an early commenter on my blog so I've been following yours for a couple of years... *grin*) but I had a wedding to run to!

Phil said...

I so wish I could have gone on the photowalk. So disappointed. Alas I was in Ennskillen with a band for a festival than was cancelled due to the rain...

I love the 3rd pic!

jothemama said...

Dub Laoghaire World Culture festival is on this weekend - many photo ops!

Red Mum said...

@grannymar t'was a FaBuLoUs day, we will definitely have to do it again...

@Eve thanks Eve its a really fun place and brilliant for pics.

@Iris It was a great day, well done to Marcus and Lisa for organising it.

@Nathalie thanks for that, I went along and it was great fun.

@Salubri sorry I missed you I would have liked to say hello and put a face to the name. Its a geg you found my name tag!

@Phil it was a great day, but sure we'll be sure to try and do more of that.

@joethemama thanks for the suggestion, I ended up doing another photowalk, I'll have to keep up these busy Saturdays!

Manuel said...

toy boy waiter huh......waiters is there no end to our skills?

Brian Whelan said...

Super photos,the Guinness Storehouse is the most popular attraction for overseas visitors and you obviously found out why!

Red Mum said...

@manuel apparently not ;)

@brian thanks, I hadn't been there before and it gets very packed indeed.