Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally Toe Jam Photo meet pics

WELL I had a ball at the weekend's photomeet, thanks so much to everyone that came along. At various points of the day Caitriona, John, Darren, 73 Man, Davy, Phil, Nathalie, Alexia, Debs, Will, Bob, Claire, and some other pals were there making the whole day great fun. You can check out lots of different pics in the Toe Jam pool.

We started out at the George Bernard Shaw pub Toe Jam carboot sale which was too cool for school with wonderful things to photograph, amazing colours and great backdrops. I think a lot of the people involved all knew each other so a gang of us with cameras turning up was above rather then below the radar. There were a few comments about the amount of cameras/snappers by the Toe Jammers. Some of us had more camera kit than others, you know who you are Davy, which later led to multiple camera-nerdy moments and impromptu portrait-taking with various lighting techniques using home-made and very effective flash equipment. I have to say that the more I take photographs the more I hate having my photograph taken.

Once our group was complete and everyone had their fill of Toe Jam and cakes we walked down to the Temple Bar Saturday market where once again we did a couple of circuits of the market, taking pics, buying beautiful fresh produce before retiring to the beer garden at the top of the Fitzsimmons Hotel.

The Young Wan did well out of the door with a couple of cool t-shirts, a cool bag, not to mention dinner picked up in Temple Bar courtesy of the Gallic Kitchen. I managed to get the pics up on Flickr and Pix.ie over the weekend so to finish it all off I'll post some here.

There was talk as well of the next photomeet and a couple of things were mooted, we mentioned Cork as well as a North Coast run from Belfast up to the Giants Causeway taking in all the amazing sites/sights along the way. Thats one where we would need drivers but it is definitely something we should look at for the summer.

Anyways before I post some of my pics of Saturday I want to thank everyone for firstly turning up, I would have cut a lonely figure pottering around Toe Jam on my own ;) and secondly for making it such a fun-filled and full day.

toejam 8

toejam 6

toe jam 17

toe jam 21

toe jam 12

toe jam 16

toe jam 20

toe jam 23

toe jam 29

toe jam 37


Darren said...

Looks like ye all had a great day.

I love that pic of the guy in the window.

Dea said...

Thanks for organising! I'm so there next time from the get go... with a bloody camera! :)

Anonymous said...

Saturday sounded like fun. Mind you I would never have managed all that walking.

Anonymous said...

Well done on organising a great day. It was great meeting so many new faces. Looking forward to the next meet.

Anonymous said...

Once again thanks for organising the day on Saturday, I had such a good time. Saw your comment about posing on the business end of the lens, I agree, I hate having my photo taken, but it's an inevitable part of the day on a Flickr meet!

Anyway, you were most patient and gracious in your posing and I'm well-pleased with the flash-lit portrait of you that I got, nice shot of you I thought.
Makes a change from everyone photographing Phil too ;-)

If you are coming North anytime for a shoot do let me know. Would be most interested in the North Coast idea and I'm happy to drive - I have a large Volkswagen Transporter, 8 seats, loads of room. there's also a coach trip that runs up there, drivers get a break and we can all have a 'wee swalley' as Rab C would say.