Friday, February 01, 2008

Irish Blog Awards 2008 - Long List

Red MumWOW I am only bleedin delighted with my nominations in round one of the Irish Blog Awards. I have found myself in amazing company in five categories, six if you count Dublin Blog's group blog nomination! I think the rules will see me out of some of them but it is still heartening, not to mention flattering, to have been nominated in the various categories in the first place, so thanks a million. I am almost apprehensive about listing the categories here in case I have gotten it wrong. There are so many blogs on the lists I could have jumped the gun ;) But it appears to be Best Blog, Best Blog Post, Best Personal Blog, Best Photoblog and Best Blog from a journalist.

The hugely increased number of entries on last year is fantastic and should make for another great night. So over the next while I will be using the lists scattered around the blogosphere to check out new places and I would urge you to do the same.


Is it just me? said...

Many hearfelt congratulations.I've been a fan for yonks and for you to win again would be terrific.
Go Redmum!.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Many congratulations. Very well deserved.

Win or lose, hope you have a great night

Sinéad said...

Congrats! Really hope you win one of these.

darkman said...


Red Mum said...

Thanks everyone, it will be a good night, if other years are anything to go by, so hope to see you all there!