Monday, February 04, 2008

What joy WHAT JOY

OH what joy, WHAT JOY! I just got an excited phonecall from the Young Wan who has received her school report AND it is great! No herd of elephants flew by the window either so it must be true.

Some of you long-term readers (if there are any :) ) will know of my utter disgust when my smart girl started secondary school and I stopped receiving the reports I was used to in primary school. Before I would get reports or go to parent teachers meetings where I heard amazing things about my wonderful intelligent child. I was soo gobsmacked the first time I went to a parent teacher meeting in her new school, I was just not used to hearing about her not doing her best in school.

We had the Junior Cert and survived, with honours and all and just enough under achievement to boost herself into pulling up her socks without giving her a bad Junior Cert. After all if you don't study and get good results you could be forgiven for thinking you are able to wing these things. At least with a low honours grade, the Young Wan was disappointed with her own performance knowing she was capable of better, I felt the same but still was delighted that we were not looking at repeating the year or some awful stuff like that. I don't think I would have had it in me, it was stressful enough first time around.

And now she is really flourishing in Transition Year, of course that has a lot to do with no hectic studying, not that it was being done before anyway but she is really enjoying all the different classes. She is loving the opportunity of trying new things, work experience, you name it, she is loving it. So it is all good despite my misgivings about Transition Year.

And now the cherry on the cake is the deliverance of an *ahem drum rolls please* excellent school report. Methinks the Young Wan will be receiving some love in the shape of phone credit this evening. Well done Honey, I am delighted.

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Is it just me? said...

Well done Redmum and Young wan!.I don't know if the curriculum in all schools transition year is the same but it strikes me that this type of varied curriculum - with a a bit of freedom to develop individual interests is just up the young wans street.Roll on college.