Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh yeah Happy New Year

I HAVEN'T had any internet access at home since before Christmas when Nanny *ahem* fiddled with the vodafone broadband yoke and the computer no longer recognises it. But eh that is another story, she says she didn't touch anything but eh it ain't working and hasn't worked despite being reinstalled a load of times.

So until I get some kind of broadband sorted out in the new place our home is an internet free place. As an aside I had a mad phonecall with Eircom when I tried to move my account. The conversation went something like this...

"Hello I wish to move my landline and broadband account to my new address."

"Okay, the house you are moving too has never had a landline so that will be (large amount) to get it connected and you will have to get onto your broadband provider to have that moved as it isn't with us."

"Eh, there was a landline previously in the new house and my broadband is with Eircom."

"Your broadband is not with us, it says here another provider and I have no record of a landline at that address.'

"Eh it isn't, it is with yourselves... And there was a landline..."

At that stage I gave up. I called another time after that and came against another brick wall as I didn't have my account number with me at the time. So the bottom line is I have no line and no broadband.

So apologies for not posting over the last two weeks and belatedly wishing you all a Happy New Year and the best of everything.


Claire said...

Ah the joys of dealing with Eircom! I have been blissfully happy ever since I ditched them altogether and went wireless. I now have my internet through Irish Broadband and my phone through and hope to never have to deal with the muppets at Eircom again. Saves us a fortune in line rental too. Sorry, I sound like an ad now...just can't stand to see people having to go through all that grief with that shower.

Good luck with it Redmum.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Happy new year red mum.

Janna said...

Sorry you haven't been able to blog lately - I have been reading for quite a while and enjoy your blog and photos a lot! I got into reading since my best friend started blogging, but most of her posts focus on her experiences with her baby, and as I had my daugher young, I am surronded with friends with babies...anyways in an attempt to find a blogger with a teenager, I found your many relative experiences!
Happy New Year!

Peter said...

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Red Mum said...

@Claire - I am still in two minds as to whether or not I get a landline. I can generally do without (except for calling some pals) and can defo do without the phonebills herself builds up.

@The Bad Ambassador Happy New Year to you too :)

@Janna I'll get abck to the blogging asap, I've been missing it. I know what you mean about friends and young babies it is pretty much the same way for me now too. Happy New Year to you too.

@Peter feck off.