Monday, September 24, 2007

Some pics

I'VE NO internet at home at the moment because, well, I spilled stuff all over the laptop and it isn't very happy with me at the moment, so there will be sporadic posting here until I manage to get it all sorted, oh please let me get it sorted.

Aside from having serious internet withdrawal symptoms I am also lamenting not being able to work on photos at home. I realise there is nothing I like more than being out and about with the camera and then tweaking the pics when I get home. Only I can't do that at the minute...

Anyway here's some pics from the last couple of days.


Lady drinking

Cleaning O'Connell Street



Damian said...

Good luck with the laptop. Someone spilled stuff on mine last year and it wasn't a happy computer at all. Love the ladybird by the way

Red Mum said...

I'm hoping it isn't a mad big problem, so fingers crossed.

Deborah said...

Hey Redmum - those are awesome photos. I love the ladybird!

Thanks for the cupcake link... too cool, but I'm way too lazy for that! ;-)

Monica Healy said...

Hey! great blog. Amazing Pics!

Monica Healy