Monday, September 17, 2007

The Commitments

I just happened to be flicking around the channels and came across BBC1's Movie Connections programmes that brought back some memories.

The Commitments was first released when I moved to Dublin and it is one of the first things I remember doing on a night on, going to see the movie. At the time it was playing in cinemas around the clock. I remember having a press release for the movie at the time, all swish and even with a Dublin to English translator. Well I used to have it, but God knows where it has disappeared to over the time since.

When I went to see the movie I remember sitting behind this gang of giggling girls who annoyed me no end, eh no change there then but I remember the pride around the film. This was more than cool cos I was a newly-adopted Dub, well a blow-in but sure.

The thrill the movie brought to the city was huge, the pride immense and it is a cool memory for me particularly given the fact I was from Belfast and anything made there had us locked in the 1970s with awful clothes and awful story lines. But hey I'm not knocking anything I have always loved something set in Belfast, even if it is to tear it apart because it isn't realistic.

Anyway The Commitments, what a great movie. The programme explored the casting, quite a brave and wonderful move/s (going with mostly unknowns) among lots of other things, so if you get a chance to catch it again do watch it. Wonderful altogether.


CyberScribe said...

I caught a couple of minutes of the Movie Connections programme and was amazed at the connections , who knew who and worked with who and blah blah blah
I want to buy the book now.

Red Mum said...

The books are great and well worth reading. You will laugh out loud.

Sue McGettigan said...

LOVE The Commitments, still worth watching over after all these years.