Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fire and threading

WELL I am definitely on my holidays because I am sitting in the internet cafe uploading to Flickr and having my now ritual Efes beer only I haven't eaten today yet, the heat and food don't really go together.

We have had a lost day, having had a late night last night after a lazy day which was great craic.

The day started off with a fire in an apartment at the top of the hill, all drama and excitement. No one was hurt but it did look like a big fire. I spent ten minutes looking for my long lens which Nanny had put away before capturing some of the action. It was nearly all over as soon as it had started.

Later I went to have my eyebrows threaded. I am not one for tweezers or wax and tend to do little to tend to them. I wouldn't exactly be described as high maintenance. But once in Turkey I love to have them threaded. Threading is such a mad way of grooming but I imagine a lot better than waxing which seems to be the norm ın Ireland. I imagine all that pulling will eventually help make the skin around your eyes all saggy!

Threading involves taking a length of thread and twisting it with a cross between their fingers and between their teeth. They grab the hairs and pull the thread and OUT it comes. And sometimes it is YEEEOOOW.

Yesterday the Young Wan had her's tidied up for the first time, well Nanny and I were having it done so she had to be allowed to join in the pain. And we laughed as she slid slowly away from the threading woman. I will get some pics the next time, I was too hot and bothered yesterday to take any. So having come over all I'll move along swiftly now.

From there we went to a pal of Nanny's Turkish restaurant and had dinner, drinks and craic and the start of the reason for our lost day. We got back to the apartment at about 1.30am and proceeded to pour drinks and sit on the balcony when old family photographs where produced including many photographs I have taken of the Young Wan over the years; none of which I have.

People think I have lots and lots of pics of the Young Wan. I probably still have all the negatives but I have been a divil for giving away pics I have no copies of, and hopefully at some stage I will hunt them all out and do them up again.

So the evening ended with the Iman announcing prayer time at about 5.30am this morning and the Young Wan and I kicking Nanny to bed. I swear I am 20 years older than she is.

All that meant we didn't surface until late O'Clock today. The Young Wan and I are on a mission to buy lamb chops which I am phoenitically remembering as the former editor of the Daily Mirror and the former athlete who ran in her bare feet, Piers Morgan and Zola Budd; Pierz Zola.
Here's some pics from the day.




Pay me I weigh you


He told me he was Charles Bronson
He told me he is Charles Bronson, I suppose he is if you squint!


Important delivery

Night time

And there's more on Flickr.

Oh and by the way I hope you all appreciate me typing in all the 'i's. The 'i' on the Turkish keyboard is located a row down and several keys over so it is slower to type. You should have seen me trying to type my column!


Safiya said...

Hi, I like your blog. I haven't visited for a while, is the Young Wan still an Emo?

Aside from that,in a mosque the Imam is the one who stands at the front and leads the prayer. The person making the adhan or call to prayer is a muezzin.

Hope you don't mind the pedantry.

Flirty Something said...

Jealous! (except for the threading bit)

Parnell said...

Your time and effort expanded is appreciated as is you excellent photo's. Dont suppose you had anything to do with, the fire - just sayin but you did have a camera complete with lens.LOL

Mel said...

I really like your pictures and enjoy reading your blog!
I hope you enjoy your vacations and I'll keep posted for more pics!