Sunday, July 01, 2007

Out My Window - part 2

IN MY last post I posted a photograph out my window that was taken earlier this afternoon and its a view I have loved over the years I have been here. I love my big bay window.

When I first moved in here, there were two things that sold me on this flat. One was the open fire; the other was the beautiful bay window. The fact that I didn't have much choice is incidental to the fact that my flat had a feature that was wonderfully drawing. Once I moved in I set about moving the kitchen units which were placed in front of the window obscuring it. Since then I've spent a serious amount of time sitting in front of the window looking out hence the lots of pics I have of life going on outside my window.

While today was really lovely, so is this evening. Its raining now and there are lovely green smells coming in the window, my window boxes are also getting a great watering and every now and again people walk past on their way home. Sometimes they stop under the tree in the picture below for shelter before continuing on home. But as rain goes the sprinkling this evening is nothing compared to the drenching we have been at the receiving end of recently.

Out My Window night time
Out my window - this evening.

Don't know what I have done to this pic to make it look so veiled.


St Patricks Day
This is a one taken on St Patrick's Day; a guy walking up the road gives a big 'howdie' to a passing Guinness truck. Course the Guinness truck just ignored him.

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