Saturday, June 30, 2007

Out my window

FINALLY a lovely day. I am sitting at the table working on photographs on the laptop in front of the open window with a gorgeous breeze blowing. Will I put a scud on it if I tentatively ask 'is summer finally arriving?

Whether it is or isn't I am enjoying the day and delighted with the plants I added to my little window boxes. I had planted a load of plants but had left them in the bedding tray for too long and some of them just gave up the ghost.

The window boxes are turning out to be a mixed bag of lavender, lobellia, petunas, mini-fushia and geranium. I've wanted a window box of lavender for a couple of years. Last year I bought six plants and only two were happy. This year of those two, one is delighted where it is and the other looks like the runt of the litter; small though it is, it is still looking healthy. Neither have flowered this year, however, the smell on your hands after running them through the plants is amazing.

I've no room for any more window boxes which is a pity because I do love them and would make lots more if I could.

Anyway here's what I'm looking at right now. (And I do know I've been memed I promise to do it soon.)

Out my window

Lavender window box


stwidgie said...

Good luck with the plants, Redmum. When we got a house with a yard, I planted as many perennials as I could, because sometimes I just miss the opportunity to get annuals altogether. I do love geraniums; they remind me of my grandmother. We do okay with herbs, too, especially basil. Can you count mint as an herb if it completely takes over a segment of the yard and the neighbors who are truly good gardeners erect a big wooden fence to blot out the sight of your unkempt property? Ah, they're good folks, though; they watered our basil plants while we were on vacation.

Thanks for sharing your window with us. Here in Chicagoland, I'm glad the weather is mild enough right now that we can leave the windows open instead of running the air conditioning. That feels like summer at Grandma's house, which is one of the best places I go in my memories. :^)

Owen Higgins said...

Is that a dope plant?

Red Mum said...

StWidgie: A pal was had fennel growing in her garden, it was the tallest most ugly plant I have ever seen. I'm not a fan of fennel at all. And I have had no joy at all growing basil here.

LOL at Owen, nope its a lavender plant. Looking back on it I can see how you thought that.