Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter summer fest

I have a dilemma, there are two big releases this summer and for the first time I am not in a position to revel in it. Well I can revel in it I will just look like a crazy woman, not to mention Paddy-no-mates or should that be crazy Paddy-no-kids woman.

Confused? You shouldn’t be, this summer sees the release of not one but two Harry Potter launches, the next movie ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ AND the next book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And yeah I am without child over the summer so I am wondering how I am going to pull these off.

The Young Wan got madly into Harry Potter after the second book and while I loved it too at the time I was more than a little annoyed that she refused point-blank to read anything else for a seriously long time. While the book has been fantastic encouraging kids who don’t normally read to do so, the Young Wan was never like that.

She always had her nose in a book, always. I am told I was the same. Once Harry Potter hit, they were the only books she stuck her nose into.

How and ever it is very easy to see how a kid can get lost in the world of witches, wizards and muggles. They inspire the imagination, not least mine.

Over the years the Young Wan has gotten the latest books and read them in record time and then reread and reread them. Once she falls asleep I get my chance to pull the book from her clutches and get my reading share done before morning.

Then the movies were made and we had a whole new Harry Potter aspect to get excited about. I got massive brownie points by managing to get preview tickets for each of the movies and she was able to see it days before her friends.

Okay it was only days but to her that was cool kudos.

Now this year we have a movie AND a book, oh my. Oh yeah and the Young Wan is on holiday with her Nanny for the summer.

How will I get to see the movie? Do I go on my own clutching my wee bag of sweets and ignore the families around me who will probably ignore the sad woman sitting on her own. I could see me in that scenario wedged in between, urrgggh, courting couples (probably) and hoards of, arrgghhh, excited kids (likely). Kids’ excitement doesn’t bother me as long it is my kid’s excitement.

Maybe I should rent a child for the movie? The Young Wan will surely want to know all about it; in case there is no English-speaking version of the film where she is on holiday.

Then there is the book launch. I wrote here about the last book launch we went to two years ago and it was a great buzz. I’d like to do that again even just for taking better pictures than I managed to the last time. But I really don’t fancy queuing on my own at midnight outside Easons. Besides which the Young Wan kept our place in the queue the last time while I took some snaps.

So if I want to do the same this time I will have to try and rope someone else in to accompany me, trouble is I can think of no one at all who would oblige. So it kinda looks like I will be the mad person on my own while all the fun and festivities are taking place around me. At least I can hide behind my camera.

I’ll be joining the Young Wan in a couple of weeks after the book is out and if I do not have it with me, there will be hell to pay. So I may put my embarrassment to one side and go watch the movie on my own and go get the book and the pics as well of course.


elly parker said...

I'm going to Liffey Valley to see the movie on Fri night, come along if you can bear waiting that long?

You might even be ble to talk me into going to the book release...

The Great Wee Azoo said...

Oh Red Mum, I went and read the first book to see what all the fuss was about but it was woefully derivative of many things that had gone before. I borrowed the movies from my niece and they're worse. They're all basically the same film and there was I waiting for something new to happen. It's a big rip-off from Star Wars. Even the music, which was also composed by John Williams, was like the Empire Strikes Back music. I don't know what the kiddies see in this. Although, all the smart ones are watching Buffy and Doctor Who instead of this dumb smoke and mirrors.

Is it just me? said...

We're taking the boys to see it on Thursday night at the eye cinema in Galway...can't wait..also can't wait for the book although small boy hasn't yet finished the last one and dosn't know that a certain wizard is dead so need to get him moving before the new book is purchased.I think you should go...you don't want second hand reports

Red Mum said...

Ellie: I'll give you a call, but sounds good to me on both fronts.

The Great Wee Azoo: Buffy smuffy! Harry Potter abu.

Is it just me: I think I will go and I was devastated with the death of you know who. It will be funny getting to read the book before herself.

Coastal Aussie said...

I'd go along with you, to both Red Mum, if only I could.... I love not knowing what's going to happen, so I wait for the next film, before reading the corresponding book. Its so funny in the cinema, because I must be the only person who doesn't know the current plot inside out... I don’t often get a chance to be surprised though, because all the little kids sitting around me tell everyone all about who is on the screen and what they'll probably do next. But that just adds to the fun of it.

Emma in Canada said...

If you'd said sooner I would have sent you my daughter!