Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogging from a train, Dublin to Belfast

It is an absolutely gorgeous day, it was getting to the stage where it felt unlikely we would ever see it again. So I'm on a train heading to Belfast where I am going to see a pal and help her get sorted photographically wise on her computer.

She is a recent convert to digital and after years of wanting to take a photography course finally started one last year.

As time went on it was clear that she was not enjoying it as much as she thought she would. Some of the classmates were very competitive. She was not learning what she wanted to learn and was feeling under increasing pressure with projects as it was an exam class. Couple all this with caring for two young children she eventually knocked the class on the head.

I figured the best thing for her to do would be to maybe join a camera club and at the very least join Flickr. There are groups for everything there full of tutorials on how to do everything. You can also store and sort images in an easy to manage fashion. You would not believe the amount of images I have and one of the easiest ways for me to manage is through Flickr and an external hard drive. Someday soon I will find a better system but for now it works well enough.

So one of the plans for today is to get out and about and take some snaps, hopefully we will keep the wonderful big clouds. I am going to try some HDR shots but my attempts at that so far has been eh strange. I need some slow moving clouds!

Anyway here's a song for the day, weekend even! Ah go wan.

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