Monday, May 14, 2007

My essential election reading

IN the true sporadic-blogging nature of late here, here's yet another post on the back of two today. While I should probably leave it for another time, who knows when I'll next get a chance to post so here's another. Seeing as how we are in the middle of the General Election, no better time to completely and utterly over-indulge in politics.

Along with newspapers, TV, breaking news websites, I have a couple of election must-reads where you can find me a couple of time a day.

First up is Irish Election which has more than come into it's own in the short time it has been established. The contributors have all stepped up to the challenge and raised their game in this run-up to polling day. Not that they weren't before, not at all, but you can read the passion and excitement in the posts now that we are in full-scale election time.

Some of the contributors at times make me want to shake people, other times I am nodding in agreement, other times laughing. I particularly enjoy the blogging round-ups they are doing at the moment. I really enjoy the different contributors doing it, the different angles from various bloggers make it great reading.

I also really enjoyed canvasser's entries, brilliant and anyone who has ever canvassed will click with it all. There used to be a rule not to canvas during the soaps, sure there are on all evening now, you'd never get to canvas.

So what is Irish Election going to do after the election? Hopefully continue, what's in a name anyway, sure there's always an election coming... There was certainly an opening in the Irish blogging community for such a site and I do hope it continues.

Next up is the Irish Examiner's Harry McGee who also seems to be enjoying the election and enjoying blogging about the election. Either way I am enjoying his blog. You can read his enjoyment of it all in each line. His is another blog that makes me laugh on occasions. And can you imagine waiting and waiting for the election to be called and you happen to be in Lisbon? Only he was in such wonderful surroundings I would almost feel sorry that he had to practically text his column that Sunday, so I don't :)

Shane Hegarty's Present Tense is also good reading, he's writing about the serious to weird of elections with little extras thrown in here and there. It's great to see the Irish Times blogging and great to see Shane linking to others.

Slugger is doing bits and pieces and is always worth a stop for a while, ehh a couple of times a day, regardless, after all there were kinda big things happening up north recently ;)

Irishblogs also turns up some gems which I sometimes have never come across before and it is one of those sites I have open nearly all day and will just refresh my browser every now and again.

I laugh heartily at Curry Chips, particularly gingit bang, more, more, more pleeeaaaseee. This creativity and humour is also found on Green Ink, excellent altogether.

Course YouTube has been hosting absolute gems, Political Thicko, Ragaman to name a few.

I know there are more spots but at the moment I am too tired to remember. I'll add more when I think of them and get a chance to post.

Oh and if you want to check out somewhere else other than election fever, do check out Deborah's blog, lots and lots of yummy and easy recipes with easy instructions and mouth-watering pictures. Maybe Deborah should devise a high-energy, low-fat, healthy meal menu for our candidates.


Green Ink said...

Ah, you're very good. Thanks for the plug.

Deborah said...

Low fat? What's that? ;-) Does that mean only HALF a pound of butte? Ok, I'll work on it, get back to you! :-)

Thanks for the link! Lots of other great links here too... have got over 400 posts in Google reader... am days behind!!!

Red Mum said...

Green Ink: no problems, I'm really enjoying all the fun.

Deborah: LOL I'd say at least a half a pound, cos they walk it all off anyway...