Monday, May 14, 2007

Effin foreigners

WHERE I live in Dublin is full of our new Irish, so much so that it is not unusual to hear more languages other than English while going to the shop and it's great.

We have some new and exotic shops and a wonderfully cosmopolitan feel to the area. Unfortunately others haven't taken this view at all. And it would surprise you how 'foreigners' are blamed for everything.

Nanny told me a mad one today from her walk to the shops.

She was waiting at the lights when an old dear approached her and complained about how long the lights take to turn to allow pedestrians to cross.

The woman said: "These bloody lights are effin terrible, aren't they?

Nanny agreed.

Woman: "It takes you all effin day to get through these traffic lights, it's all them foreigners and them blacks".

Nanny puzzled at this just looked at her and the woman said "where are you from? are you from Scotland?" (You would be shocked by how many Dubliners have asked me that over the years.)

Nanny said: "No, I'm from Belfast."

Woman: "Oh Belfast so you're Irish then."

Nanny: "Of course I'm Irish."

The woman then walked on. Effin Dubliners!

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