Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The apple game

WE have a game in our house whilst eating apples. I'll take a bite, break a bit off from it and give it to her to eat, she just loves it, always has done. And we share this way until the apple is done. Course it means I only get half an apple but sure.

We played it again this evening and I threw (and scored) the core into the fireplace where the remains of a fire from a couple of days ago still lie.

(While the weather has been wonderful and the past weekend marked the first time I had all the windows open in the flat all day I am under no illusion that the fire will stay unlit until autumn.)

Course she thought there was more apple to be had and retrieved it out of the fire ready for more. Thinking urrghh at this I gave her another apple, though I did take a bite out of it first (hey come one she had half of mine) before throwing the eaten apple core into the little bin.

When my back was turned, she ignored the full minus one bite juicy lovely apple and took the core out of the bin and proceeded to eat the lot, ashes and all.

Seriously sometimes there is no rhyme or reason with doggies.

Morning time
My two honeys out for the count.

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Irish Church Lady :) said...

So cute! What kind of dog is that? It looks so much like my granddog - a wirehaired mini dachshund.

Great story too!!!

Boliath said...

Oh jesus you oul fecker, I thought it was the YW you were talking about especially since I remember her eating the entire apple core and all when she was little.

RusticateGirl said...

Love the pic!