Friday, February 02, 2007

Spring and all those new beginnings

YESTERDAY was the first day of Spring. New beginnings and all that. I've had a tough week and I am glad it's nearly over and behind me. The bloody powers that be have a very sick sense of humour. I think the effects of it will be felt for some time, I can't help that. I just have to ride it out in the knowledge that time will do the needful. Till then it is time to shake and dust myself off. And to remind myself I bought a beautiful bunch of daffodils.



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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for that - so beautiful.

Having probs signing in so using anonymous.

Boliath xx

Coastal Aussie said...

Oh wow, your daffodils are so gorgeous! Hope they lifted your spirits after your demanding week.

Red Mum said...

Thanks Boliath and Coastal Aussie, they are dying off now so I'll have to go and get more cos they were beautiful.