Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They killed Elmo

THIS is more than slightly disturbing. How could anyone do this to a cute little Elmo. Damien don't look. Via Boing Boing.

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Boliath said...

Been a while since you had a toy like that in the house hence your lack of understanding...I don't have that particular Elmo but some less enlightened soul bought my child a different Elmo that seriously would be hacked to bits and fed to the dog if I could get away with it.

Trust me hon, the talking active Elmo dolls deserve everything they get, and then some.

Aphrodite said...

I am horrified! He struggled for so long - and then the indignity of the kicking merely served to highlight his tiny size. Traumatic stuff

G.S. said...

Taxis in NYC used to have "fasten your seat belt" messages from celebrities that went on automatically when the meter was started. For six months I had to listen to Elmo every time a passenger got in my cab and it was the final straw that led to my madness. It warms my heart to see that the little fucker has met his just desserts.

Red Mum said...

God such venom for poor wee Elmo :)

Darren said...


Singed Elmo's Fire.

(apologies to John Parr).