Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year and Finally Broadband

PHEW it's all over for another year, the whole bloody lot, Christmas, New Year all the fun and frolics of the festive season. And I still have one more day off, yippee. To top it all off my broadband arrived today, I got one of the Eircom packages following advice from Damien. It's set up now and working away. So this is my first official post in highspeed. And it's great :)

Considering my internet usage over the last while it was false economies not getting it before now especially considering the amount of photography I do but I had it in my head that getting broadband ties me more to this flat like a mental contract. I then thought feck it, besides I am doing more and more work at home so it makes complete sense. Never mind the fact that the chances of me moving soon are slim to zero.

So tomorrow marks the official end of Christmas in our house, it's the Young Wan's birthday, she is fifteen. This makes me feel old, much older than I feel about my actual age. I have a nearly grown young woman, Jaysus, sure I am only a young woman myself, in fact I probably feel more like a teenager than I should. If any of you are interested in my memories of 15 years ago you can read one bit here at Damien's blog when he asked us to recall 10 minutes you would like to relive again and the other here which I wrote last year on her fourteenth birthday.

Right I am off to try and catch up on all the blogs I have neglected over the last two weeks. Happy New Year everyone and heres looking forward to another great year in the Bogosphere. Oh and Happy Birthday darling :) XxX

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Emma in Canada said...

You should totally post that birth story on your site. Taylor also was delivered via forceps. It was the most intense pain I have ever felt and I had not only an epidural but laughing gas so I can't imagine how painful it was for you without meds. Kudos on that one! If I look very closely at her cheek today I can see a small scar from the forceps. She didn't cry either, and like your Young Wan her laid back attitude drives me mad today.

Boliath said...

God I remember sitting in your Mums kitchen listening to you tell the story minute by gruesome minute...I couldn't believe it then but now having had a child myself and re-reading the story I'm even more in awe! No meds, 6cm before you went to the hospital - jesus woman...

Happy Birthday YW, stop getting older will you? It's making me feel way way too fecking old!