Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another one over and 14 years ago...

WELL it is back to work day and I am sitting here freezing and unable to type because of the cold. There’s lots of deleting going on as my fingers are hitting two and three keys at the same time. Oh and like many of ye I am uurggghhh at being back at work. So that’s it all over for another year.

You would have thought that I would have taken it easy last night considering the end of the holidays back to work time but no not me. I sat up with Nanny until about 4am last night watching Roseanne repeats on the comedy channel, chatting and drinking wine, too much wine.

So I am feeling a little ropey, a lot tired and happy to have a bottle of cold bubbly coke on my desk.

I did get a bagel to bolster the auld energy supplies but after catching up with people for too long it became rubbery and inedible, so it is sitting beside me now looking very unappetising indeed, a bit like meself at the moment.

So it is nice to know that over the holidays I decided to treat myself and the Young Wan to a weekend away to a pal of mine in Liverpool. Definitely a pleasant something to look forward to.

We love going over to visit. My pal is an old and dear friend back from my school days. We met at 11 and while not bestest mates to begin with, we soon quickly were and remained so since. There is a lot of history there and it is always soooo good to catch up. I count myself blessed to have her as a friend and I cannot wait to spend time with herself, her fantastic hubbie and beautiful babies.

By the way speaking of babies 14 years ago I was just recovering in hospital having spent 36 hours in labour! Its funny I was just telling the Young Wan one of the stories last night after seeing Saturday Night Fever on the telly and realising that it was shown on January 2 14 years ago as well.

You see that was the morning I went into labour, after having spent a week of sleeping until the afternoon, I woke at 7am unable to sleep anymore and having these pains every five minutes and then nothing for a while.

Subconsciously even though the pain was more like a slight cramp I must have realised the labour had started because I got into the shower and proceeded afterwards to clip my toenails on a rocking chair by rocking back and lunging forward at the forward moments. Cos of course I couldn’t touch my toes at that stage and there was no way I was letting the Young Wan’s Daddy do it for me.

Gradually over the morning everyone who lived in the house got up and by lunchtime I decided to head back to bed to watch Saturday Night Fever, only at that point Nanny called to see me.

So that put paid to John Travolta.


Anyway we pottered about and packed a bag and went off to hospital just to see whether or not I was actually in labour.

And for the whole time I was hooked up to the monitor there wasn’t one contraction, not one. So they decided that they would send me home. Only the doctor said even though they normally wouldn’t do it, they would give me a quick internal.

“Oh my god you are six centimetres dilated, you are staying here!’

That was about 6pm and she still wasn’t delivered until 12.15pm the next day. The rest of the labour is another story however I would not want to scare you by telling you anymore, unless of course you are a mummy and then you probably know what I am talking about anyway.

Anyway happy birthday darling, sorry for giving you such a shitty date for a birthday but you did take your time in coming. XxX

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Boliath said...

I heard the story about 13 years and 49 weeks ago, it freaked me out so bad I waited until 2004 to have my own child! Ah no, not really, go on tell it again you know you want to!

Boliath said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Young Wan!

14, jesus mary and joseph where does the time go?

Teenage Kicks said...

i didnt know u wer with tawd! im so jealous, mum wudnt let me and quigs come over cuz app. i didnt have the money...lol shes probably right...xx