Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho Ho Bloody Ho

It's the 22nd of December, I still have presents to get, I haven't put up my tree yet, I need to clean and clear the space where the tree has to go, I have to clean and clear the flat so the place is pleasant to be in, I have still to dress and go into town, I have a hangover, the Christmas grocery shopping has still to be done (though thank God for Nannys who is as we speak starting the ball rolling on that one - yeahhhh).

The fact is I have nothing done, despite starting my shopping in early November where I got some stuff and then did nothing more. Though I did follow Beaut's advice and ordered some stuff online from Benefit for Nanny but I need to get more and haven't a clue what to get her. The Young Wan's main present is in a friend's friend's house way northside and I have to somehow get it. We also had a mad dash to get to Tetra's place where more stuff was stored before she travelled back to Belfast.

And what am I doing about it, why I am blogging about not having it all done of course just to show you some Christmas pics, enjoy. Oh and there are more on Flickr.


Christmas present

christmas lights Crane overlooking Doyles

Doheny and Nesbits


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