Friday, December 22, 2006

H h h hhangover

I am hungover from hell. Yesterday was my last day at work until after the New Year and it was also my birthday and a very busy day overall.

The day started early like every other work day and finished up at about 5am this morning. I can’t do it anymore. I suppose that’s a lie because I did do it.

I am sitting now in front of a big fire but it is making no difference to the fact that I am cold, the flat is cold, I am tired and barely able to type. Unfortunately I was forced to because I had to submit my column this morning.

Now I won’t take the laptop off my lap as I am enjoying the warmth on my legs too much.

The season’s festivities kicked off with a staff lunch before going back to my desk for an hour then retiring to the pub. We started off the day's drinking with work colleagues before heading to the Market Bar to have a swifty drink with Colm, Treassa, Claire and Annette. Just as I left another blogger Ger joined our ranks but I had to fly despite the charming Colm giving me his stool which was very welcome given the fact that the place was absolutely jammers. Nice to see you all again and meet you Treassa. (I will provide links later, too fiddly to do now)

After a drink and a chat about cameras much to my non-photography-inclined pal’s annoyance, we headed off to meet Tetra, who had managed to get a babysitter for the night.

We went to her local where there was ample seats and too many rounds. Once it was kicking out time we staggered around to Tetra’s place where we drank more, which we needed like a hole in the head and danced to Dolly Parton and much more, none of which spring to my frazzled mind, except the distinct memory of strutting our stuff while singing loudly to 'Nine to Five'.

When I hit my front door step at 5am I realised I didn’t have keys so I had to ring poor Nanny awake to let me in.

I woke up at 11am to the loud hiccupping of the Young Wan who was walking around my bedroom before going into the bathroom, which is in my bedroom, to wash her bloody hair. I mean that seriously could have waited until I got up.

So now I am nursing the laptop and have to somehow get myself together and go into town. I still have things to get. Anyone any thoughts on what to get Nanny, she is a pain in the a*rse to buy for?

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Emma in Canada said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you managed to find something for Nanny. I never know what to get my mother, but this year she was easy in that she pretty much said what she wanted. Now I just have to hope she didn't buy it herself, or tell anyone else.