Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The contents of my freezer

TO SAY it has been busy over the last week would be a massive understatement. The weekend before last was spent getting the flat ready for not only Nanny but also a glut of visitors who were coming the weekend before last. Well not exactly a glut but more than enough to spur house-keeping action on a wide range of all sorts of things in the flat.

But that is a post for another day, last weekend alone will be blogged but I am still so tired and so worn out by all the shenanigans that I haven’t been able to start. Thinking about it alone leaves me wanting to get out the foot spa.

As per usual I am digressing, what I was posting about was the fact that at one point this evening my Mum/Nanny began to defrost the literal icebox that is my freezer.

It turned bad about six weeks to two months ago and I haven’t had the energy, inclination, willpower anything to sort it out. I did it two months ago and it started to freeze over practically straight away.

I have already decided that in the January sales I am buying a new fridge freezer, this one is too much work.

And back to what I had originally started posted about which is Nanny tackling the freezer.

Thank God for that.

Nanny’s comments were funny so I started to jot them down. This is a rendition of the list she realmed off as she hauled things out of the freezer with my explanations where necessary in brackets.

  • Potato bread
  • Sausages
  • Steak
  • More potato bread - (I’m not even a mad fan of potato bread, it is soda bread all the way which probably explains why there is so many)
  • Some kind of tomato sauce - (my own home made stuff)
  • Pepper Sauce - (in an iced over jar, I made too much)
  • Donegal Catch - (half a packet)
  • Meatballs - (my own home made ones)
  • Lamb chops
  • Mince steak
  • Half a loaf - oh its ciabatta!
  • Don’t know what that is - (in relation to something wrapped in tinfoil)
  • Croquette potatoes
  • More potato bread - (as I said I prefer soda bread)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Burger baps
  • beef burgers
  • Something wrapped in tinfoil - (which turned out to be stuffing from when I made too much one Sunday)
  • Pancetta ham
  • Coffee
  • More mince steak
  • Sausage meat - (for homemade stuffing)
  • More burger baps

At this stage the Young Wan came in and saw me writing what Nanny was saying and was wondering what on earth I was doing.

‘Is this for the blog,’ she said.

Nanny replied: ‘I’m not doing it for the blog. I’m just trying to clean the freezer’. Nuff said and back to the contents.

  • Tuna steaks
  • Mince steak
  • Smoked salmon
  • Rosemary
  • Soup Vegetables
  • More coffee
  • More soup vegetables
  • Packet of puff pastry
  • What’s this? Oh a square of puff pastry
  • Tortillas
  • Don’t know what this is, I think it’s some kind of chicken - (you know the kind, the chickeny sort)
  • What’s this? - (I couldn’t shed any light on this package at all)
  • More soup vegetables
  • Yet more mince steak
Considering the size of my small freezer it is mad to think I have been able to put all this into it. So we will be having some strange dinners I reckon over the next week or two in a bid to clear out the freezer ready to start again.

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Boliath said...

All that in your freezer - mad!

Re your comment on my blog:
Hate to tell you this sweetie but putting vaseline on the tick - or burning it with a match, ciggie whatever - causes the tick to vomit, oh yeah, right into your bloodstream. That's what my Mum wanted me to do, burn it with a ciggie so it would back out, but I had googled tick removal earlier on and read that the best way is to use a tweezers and get as close to the skin as you can so you get the head - if the tick is still moving when you take it out, you got the head.

Lovely conversation 1st thing on a Wednesday morning eh?

Beccy said...

Aren't Mum's great. M oven used to get it'e twice yearly clean when my Mum came to stay. Unfortunately she can't kneel on the floor anymore to clean but instead bought me a special black sheet thingy (can't remember what it's called) which you place on the bottom of the oven and just wash pariodically.

Have to admit I haven't got used to the washing periodically bit but when I remove it the oven is clean!