Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two parcels in one day

I CAME home the other night and there was a delivery notice from An Post and I thought excellent it is my Moo cards! So off I headed to the sorting office the next morning with not one but two delivery notices as another had arrived.

When I got to the office there was a queue of people all waiting to receive lovely parcels, then I noticed this grafitti.

Phibsboro Post Office
Hello welcome. I hope you get something nice in your parcel! Me too, it's exciting!

And it's true, I think we all love getting parcels.

Only it wasn't my Moo cards, even though others here in Ireland such as Des have received theirs :( Instead it was a cool package from an old pal Mr Gary who sent me the latest and last (sadly) edition of Small Axe comic as well as some music. Cheers, it was delightfully received. We should all send more parcels, the only people I know who do are Tawdrey and Mr G. Actually one of the groups I belong to in Flickr all sending other members fun parcels, I might sign up to send and receive one!


And there was a second package, oh what joy, maybe this was my Moo cards. But it wasn't it was a broadband router from Eircom for one of the other flats in the house. So because I had already signed for it before realising it wasn't for me I had to bring it into work where I have forgotten it tonight, uh oh.

Someone told me that I should go into it, whatever that means, and put in a pin which means I can hack into their broadband. While it is tempting because I want broadband but do not wish to commit to it while in this flat as in my head it commits me to this flat, I just couldn't do that.

Besides I have no idea what he was talking about or how indeed I could do it. I normally stumble through and find my way somehow.

But as I said I couldn't and wouldn't do it anyway. I will remember to bring it home tomorrow night and I might offer him half his monthly charge to piggy back his account. Has anyone ever done something this before, do people go for it?

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