Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some advice needed

I'M looking for some advice here on upgrading my laptop, well putting my spluttering old dear to rest, well not so much rest as passing it over to the Young Wan but you get my drift. I was looking at Dell's double memory and free delivery deal which expires tomorrow. So if anyone has any wisdom to impart, feel free. This is what I am looking at and given the drain on a computer due to countless amounts of pictures, what do you think, is it worth it?

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Anthony said...

I'd recommend using the Dell Outlet. http://outlet.dell.com/Emea_Dfo/EuDispatcher?country=IRL&target=InventoryPage&lob_constraint=INSP

You can get some fantastic deals but you can't cistomize the machines.

Conor said...

I've had horrendous problems with Dell laptops in the past year and I've heard non-stop horror stories from others. Google "Dell Hell" for a great example. Their quality has plummeted.

I love my 2 year old Acer which I originally got from http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/ who still appear to do great deals and now have an Irish site at http://www.laptopsdirect.ie.

Toshibas have always worked well for me and I know plenty who swear by IBM/Lenovo. HP/Compaqs are overpriced and Sonys are silly money.

Daragh said...

OMG people stop! Photos + blogging + coolness == Mac

Go for either a MacBook (the entry level white / black one) or the super sexy MacBookPro. Both are due upgrades to an Intel Core 2 Duo processor over the next few days (some think today, Apple Store is currently 'closed'). As an advanced user of all things IT, I couldn't suggest you get anything other than a Mac!

Dervla said...

Macs are cool but they are significantly more expensive than Dell laptops. My experience with Dell over the last few years has been very positive. I like that laptop spec Redmum, but if you are storing photos, I'd suggest increasing the hard disk size and increasing the ram size also.

Conor M said...

Go with the Mac!!! I splashed out and got a MacBook pro earlier this year, and we're best buddies! Yes, it's expensive, but the quality and reassurance the mac brings are worth every penny.

Bill said...

Don't touch the Macs - unless you've been using them all your life. If your PC history is Windows, stick to Windows, and never mind the advice from guys with more money than sense.

The spec of the machine you linked to is not bad, but the virtual memory of 512 is small. It might have been fine 3 years ago, but I'd never buy a new machine today with less than a gig of virtual memory and a 120 gig hard drive.

Angelina said...

Go with the Mac! I love my little white MacBook. A MacBook is around the same price as the Dell you're looking at, but you'll be far more pleased with the performance of a Mac. Not only do you get a solid machine, you also get niceties like a built in webcam and the rock solid OSX that comes with all kinds of cool programmes such as iPhoto, iTunes, etc. Not to mention the reliability that you get with Macs. Plus you don't have to worry about viruses, malware, spyware, etc. I could go on and on...

Boliath said...

For what you do with your photos etc I don't think you need a Mac, it is more expensive. Stay 5,000 miles away from Dell, they suck donkeys balls.

Paul S said...

I agree with Anthony at the top there. I bought a Dell Inspiron 8500 over 4 years ago from the DELL outlet for £1000 when it's price by specifying the machine myself was £1800 for exactly the same thing. And I’ve also got a Dell M60 for work which I’ve used for two and a half years without a single problem.
It did have a problem with the Inspirons hard drive in the first few weeks and they sent me a new one. Since then it has worked with out fail and been used almost every day. The battery is dead now so we need to leave it plugged in when using it.
Quite honestly I think the fuss that MAC users make over it being better than PC's at graphics orientated work is all blown out of proportion. I agree with Bill. If you've used Macs before fine but the switch could prove to be fatal.
A Fiend of mine bought a Mac a while back and hated it! He couldn’t wait to get rid of it and get back to a PC. It's all relative.
You Blog on Blogger the same as I do. I fail to see how a Mac can be any different than a pc in this process. Typing and uploading images is much the same on either.
Anyway, have a look on the dell outlet and see if there is anything there that takes your fancy. If there is, then I guarantee you that you'll not beat it anywhere else on price except off the back of a lorry.
Good luck! And keep us informed of how you get on.
P.S. big fan of your photos. keep up the good work!