Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Moo freebies

HOT on the tail of ordering my free Moo cards, I was captivated by the sexy design and ordered more, which arrived within a week. While the second batch have some cropping issues, they could very well be my own fault.

Despite that I love them and have been posting them (via snail mail) to all my pals who, ahem, already have my contact details, but not on the back of a gorgeous picture (ha no praise like self-praise). I have also been thinking about other uses for these lovely cards, like the moomagnet (thanks Damien) which is also being discussed here in the Flickr Moo group, or alternative Christmas pressies for pals, using maybe a pic special to them and their contact details. There's lots of things I can do with them.

Moo are now offering more packs of 10 free in a deal with skype but they are not the cool picture cards more business cards, they still look nice though. I'll not do it and let someone else get something cool in the post. Go to this site and the promo code is freebie.

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Dervla said...

I've just ordered my second lot of 100! They are sooo cool. I bought a an acrylic frame in Habitat (model Candi) 25 x 10cm with a black backround. It holds about 10 moo cards and they look really well. I've just given a present of to my brother with his wedding photos in it and I'm the coolest sister ever now!

redmum said...

mmh another plan, could be useful for christmas pressies,nice one dervla