Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another post on strange searches

IN THE last week the top keyword search here has been regulation knickers with some 14 searches. No accounting for taste really! Of course the visitors have been drawn by something I wrote a year ago.

The Young Wan's favourite phrase 'my eyes have been replaced with muffins' has also figured as has someone searching for 'junior cert partys on the 15th Sep 2006 in Dublin'. I hope the searcher does well in the exam results tomorrow and has a good and safe night celebrating!

Other funny phrases include 'lazy eye emo fringe'. I remember being a teenager myself and visiting Tawdrey (a regular visitor here) in hospital and being acousted by an old dear who kept telling me how lovely my hair was, how like Veronica Lake it was, but that I would give myself a lazy eye so I should clip it back. I think my response was probably something like 'yeah yeah'.

One other bemusing search is 'footballers shorts and knickers in soccer history'. Wow sounds fascinating to me. Do tell us more...

To the person searching the phrase 'mum are weird'. Yes we are but we know grammar, mostly anyway. And to the person looking for 'names to use as your Bebo name' choose something not akin to you and safe.

And all that is only from the last week, there was also 'the sesame street beetles', 'red dog hugh red muppet', 'I'm going to the zoo', 'maybe I am red', 'how to annoy mums' (don't tidy your room)

I should do a post sometime soon on the strangest searches since I have been tracking them.

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