Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nanny's coming, get tidied quick

IT'S Mothers' Day in the States, we had ours here back in March and at the time I was posting about the bedroom and how the only thing I asked for was a tidy and clean room, I got it a week later. Now it is as bad as ever and Nanny is coming to visit tomorrow.

So why am I posting now when I should be acleaning and atidying? Well the bathroom's done, its tiny but still its done, the halls are done, okay okay they are small too but they are cleared out, brushed and scrubbed.

So there is my room, which because the bathroom is in my bedroom, it is like another room for the Young Wan to do her deeds in. And of course there is her room (did you hear the drumroll there?).

She made what looked like a reasonable start yesterday until I saw where she had hidden and shoved away stuff. So I cleared all her shelves, all the hidey-holes and now there is a pile on the floor. Now the old clothes, too-small clothes, all sorts have to be sorted.

And I have pictures. But I should stress in fairness to the Young Wan this is the madness before the final product, you know when you clear out stuff and somewhere an hour into the work things look 50 million times worse.


So here is the room as it looks (not how it looked before the work - it wasn't this bad before, have I stressed that enough) and more pics to come later on. (But thats not to say it hasn't been before.)This particular pic is for all those people who swing by here looking for pictures of messy teenage bedrooms.

Wish us luck.

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Boliath said...

Oh my god, poor young wan has her work cut out for her!

fatmammycat said...

I would order me up a amall skip and dump everything into it-including crap I didn't want too-to make it super even-and start afresh. And while the skip driver was driving away I would pour myself a large gin and tonic to savour before all hell broke loose.
God help my poor children when I have them.

Omaniblog said...

Oh you poor thing. Couldn't you advertise on Bebo for some cleaners?