Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things that make me go mmhhh - and arrggghhh

BOTH Steve and Fiona memed me recently on things that make me go mhhhhh and arrrghhh. (I tell a lie Fiona memed me ages ago.) Up to now I haven't had a chance, so now I am going to attempt another version of the list.

The arrrgggghhh list

1. Half-filled take-away coffees. If I can feel they are half-full even though the foam makes them look full and I buy one a day-ish, surely someone who makes them all day can feel that the regular latte you have bought is actually a small-small.

2. The eejits who insist on getting on a bus and standing by the driver even though they are travelling across the city. Sit down you obstructive and in-the-way selfish frigger.

3. Rude service. Now while I am aware that most people at the shop front of the service industry are not paid well, that is no excuse for rudeness.

4. Banks offering services to non-customers which is better than the service they are giving their customers. I have had experience of this lately and complained, I'll let you know in the next couple of days whether my complaints have ensured a better quality of service for me.

5. Groups of slow-walking and obstructive people on pavements, blocking the way so no one can get past them and their slow pace.

6. Groups of Spanish students blocking doorways, pavements, buses. This has been something I've noticed since I moved to Dublin. It must be a cultural thing, but stop it.

7. Cold-callers on my landline trying to sell me something. Stop calling.

8. Landlords, well my landlord texting me asking me can he call over for rent when I have handed over a grand a week before. Do I look like fecking Elton John and made of money?

9. Being told to do something when it is apparent I am already on it. This has been something that has bugged me since I was a child.

10. Being pigeon-holed. Something we are probably all guilty off, we need to stop it now.

11. Sending the Young Wan to the shop with a list. She returns an hour later with less than half of what I have asked for and half of what I haven't. Read the list darling.

12. Umbrellas in the city centre, well that should read inconsiderate b*stards who walk along without a care in the world scalping people.

13. The fact that most people walking in town expect me to move out of their way despite heavy shopping bags making it hard to move anyway other than in a straight line.

14. People walking in front of me so they can get the first taxi that goes by. Why do Dubliners think this behaviour is okay.

15. Sitting on the bus, taking out my ipod and realising my daughter has completely powered it out, without saying.

16. Missing a photograph because someone has walked in front of me, the amounts of ears I have instead of the pulizer prize pics I saw are too numerous to count.

17. Leaving home and forgetting my mobile phone. Funny how we feel naked without them and how important they have become, what on earth did we do before them?

18. Getting home from work expecting loads of missed calls on the forgotten mobile and there are none. Just call me paddy-no-mates.

The mmmhhhh list

1. A wonderful fire on a cold evening.

2. Fresh cut grass, gets me everytime.

3. Spending time with old pals (can't wait Boliath already talked to M about getting away and Tawdrey can't wait for Donegal:))

4. Getting up on a Saturday morning and the Young Wan sticks on the kettle in a kitchen which has been tidied voluntarily. Absolute bliss.

5. The smell of fresh laundrey.

6. The Friday night pint after work.

7. The first cup of tea of the day. There is nothing like it.

8. Sunny days and cool breezes.

9. Snowy days while you are wrapped up warm.

10. Coming home in winter evenings to find a lit fire, wine in the fridge and lovely dinner being made, thanks Mum.

11. Lie-ins, everyone should have them.

12. A tidy flat on a Saturday morning, the whole weekend is ours. It rarely happens.

This is all I can think of at the moment, I am dreadful with lists, I hate the 'give me your top five' conversations. Because as soon as I commit to my top five someone says something that I should have said.

I am also aware that there are more arrgghhh things than mmhhhh things. What can I say? I must be just a grumpy b*llox or maybe someone with simple pleasures. We'll put it down to getting old.

Consider yourself memed if you feel inclined.

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Damien Mulley said...

There's a national do not call list. If someone calls after you have being added to the the list they can be prosecuted.

Boliath said...

Can't wait either hon, am up to my eyes in preparation - wtf do I pack for me and the boy for a MONTH?

Will give you a bell when I'm in Dublin on Saturday, yahoo!

Fi said...

Excellent! I'm glad you got round to it! I agree with all of your aggghhhs by the way especially the spanish students! We have them here in the midlands too! I find myself muttering like a mad woman as I try not to elbow the nearest one to me in the ribs! I don't always succeed, poor kids!

Omaniblog said...

Who do you bank with? I use Ulster Bank and I wonder if that's happening to me without me knowing it.

I'm with you on the morning cup of tea. I read somewhere that it takes the adult brain about two hours to wake up and reach peak performance.

But isn't Dublin lucky to attract all those Spanish students? They must surely spend some money and resolve to return?

I'm tempted to join in your meme

Omaniblog said...

But better start writing the list down first. Thanks for being so open. Next time I'll move over out of your way and offer to carry your bags.

Curly K said...

Lovely list. Isn't funny how all the things we love seem evoke our senses whether it be smell, sound... and the agghhhh lists always seem to be wordy and harsh like the sounds and noises the experiences create in our heads

Claire said...

Great lists Redmum.

I laughed when I read your no 9 arrgh: Being told to do something when you're already doing it. My family all know that that is the best way to get their heads bitten off, I can't STAND it when people do it to me!