Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My first gig - the Young Wan speaks

I wrote about this on Friday and now it is time for the Young Wan to tell us about her 'first gig'. I still maintain there can be no bigger gig than the bloody Pixies, but how and ever. She tells us her story. Oh and bear in mind this is the child who said she was into vintage rock and when pressed to explain what vintage rock is she explained 'you know like Nirvana'! And sorry for the lack of proper punctuation but judging by what I saw on Bebo she is practically grammar personified in comparision.

I should also explain that my baby heads off to Turkey tomorrow evening after I was lucky to get a flight at short notice and indeed short fare, £78 sterling as opposed to the between €480 and €1000 I was being quoted up to now. Not only were there problems booking seats but I obviously could only book seats on flights where we knew people were travelling who could accompany her, stress is not the word but it is done and dusted now and off she goes tomorrow. So now it is over to herself.

I went to my first gig on Friday.

It was uh be polite or honest ok it SUCKED .the band was indie and I hate indie its soooooooo boring its all old. It was in hmv there were about 50 people there .no moshing (headbanging) whatsoever . well im proud to say I done my best but ended up knocking over a stack of Shirley temples greatest hits on dvd (she had it coming!!!!) .so we moved very quickly to the front of the gig. Then we saw him he was tall with long blacky-brown hair about 16 I didn’t fancy him or anything but he was wearing a t-shirt a t-shirt whose logo represents my hopes and dreams a t-shirt which read in clear bold red writing PANTERA(the best band of all time). Wooooooooooooooo wer not alone I cried to my mate jay so we went over and got talking and then we talked some more then it was the end of the gig so jay went up and got the bands cd for her mam and got it autographed. Her mam met them on a plane and told us about them.soo after the gig me,jay and bof the guy we meet went around town for a while we had a great time and exchanged e-mail addresses.

The moral of the story is beware indie bands.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I don’t want to gooooooooooooo.well I do I suppose if I wasn’t going I would be like awww but I was ment to be seeing my new boyfriend tomorrow,yes I have a new boyfriend whos friggin gorgus .im going to miss him sooooooo much*sniff sniff*.Im getting really sad now I miss him already *sniffs again* im going to be emailing him every day he even said he would write to me if I gave him my Turkish address(now seriously how many guys would say that. I suppose if I wasn’t going tomorrow it would be another week sitting in my mums office bugging her about going on the internet. He calls me his muffin chessy? mayby but I love it!. Because the last time I went into town and put 2 muffins on my eyes and yelled ahhhhhhhhh my eyes they’ve been replaced with muffins. which led to me buying the muffins because the guy behind the counter saw me *tehe* .omg im really gonna miss him hum. ok im gona end this with a load of upside down faces :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Before anybody, if anybody feels sorry for the Young Wan. Here's some pics from our trip there last year.

Celsus Library, Ephesus


Tree light


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