Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm going to a gig, so I am

THE Young Wan is out and about today in town with her lovely pal having gotten tickets for some 'gig' in HMV.

The excitement was palpable since I said she could go a couple of days ago. She has been so delighted that people only needed to look at her sideways and she would say 'I'm going to a gig!'. She was thrilled. And I have enjoyed laughing at her telling all and sundry 'I'm going to a gig' 'did I say I was going to a gig' 'I'm off now to the gig I was telling you about'.

Deciding what to wear last night was also fun. The cool (as in not warm - but it is actually cool-looking on her) dress was a no no because she would be moshing and her sandled feet could be a problem. I said then don't mosh because you will be roasting in those jeans in this weather. Ah Mammies - we are just to sensible for our own good. Just one question do people mosh in a record shop?

Ah the innocence of it all, brings an auld tear to the eye.

However consider the fact I brought her to the Pixies and Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in the Phoenix Park two years ago. Despite my thoughts on that being a very cool thing for a mum to do, nah the gig in HMV is well cooler. Mummies are just not cool.

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Curly K said...

You'll always be cool, we all are, aren't we??

Red Mum said...

Yup Curly sure aren't we all teenagers at heart.

Emma in Canada said...

The Pixies and the Chili Peppers? Jeesh, you are good to that girl. And I thought mine should be grateful to see INXS. Hope she enjoys the holiday.