Monday, May 22, 2006

Watchin the Eurovision

I WAS up in a local pub on Saturday evening and there were two TV screens, one had the Derry v Cork match while the other was showing the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watching the eurovision

I spotted a scene that has become for me one of those pictures that got away. All I had with me was my camera phone, and its not very good at all. But this is what I managed to capture, there were about seven men, all in a row and all attentively watching, not the match, but the Eurovision.

As bad quality as the picture is, you get the idea, it made me laugh anyway. I so would have loved a good quality shot of all the men's backs, looking up watching the contest. Ah well. I bet if their wives asked ‘did you see the Eurovision? They would deny it. But I saw youse lads. I saw you.

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Curly K said...

Classic, well spotted you!

Red Mum said...

Cheers, I just wish I had my camera. It really was one of those classic moments.