Friday, May 19, 2006


I HAVE a socks post which I will do over the weekend but it involves the outrageous amounts of unpaired socks in this house.

But here's a sneaky preview showing me, Nanny and the Young Wan relaxed for the evening and not a pair between us.


[I should say we are all in relax mood and have changed into non-work/school clothes and just grabbed socks and this is the result.]

I have more on socks coming over the weekend.

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Boliath said...

Ha ha ha...

Hello Nanny!

Curly K said...

God ye are a very colourful bunch - I only do black socks - much easier to match!!!

Red Mum said...

As you will see when I can bring myself to do the next post, we have a phenomenal amount of unpaired stripy socks.

The Phantom said...

I have a socks crisis in my house. Its a universal problem. Whoever solves it deserves a Nobel Prize.