Friday, April 28, 2006

Uh-oh Bebo - Red Mum's U-turn

I GOT up this morning to find the Young Wan completely immersed in Bebo instead of getting ready for school. The day I feared has arrived - she has worked out that she is able to use my laptop.

We talked about Bebo again last night and I did try once again to stress the dangers of what people were doing by actually showing it on Bebo. While I may think I was informing her in a practical way, I think she may have just been acting interested but was actually more interested in checking out people's pages.

I will be changing my laptop password to ensure unsupervised internet access doesn't happen again, apart from anything I have no net nanny installed.

But I am also thinking of allowing her to set up her own Bebo page under my supervision. I figure if she has worked out the laptop, it won't be long before she susses that internet cafes work just as well, and better when Mummy doesn't know about it.

So that means I can keep an eye on it, keeping her safe while allowing her to do what the vast majority of her classmates are doing. I can help and advise her on a suitable name, ie not sexygirl, maybe the Young Wan, but I don't she will go for that.

I'm not comfortable about this U-turn at all but at least this way she knows I am watching so will (hopefully) behave herself and I know she is safe and not sneaking behind my back with a Bebo profile I do not know about.

Sometimes you need to choose your battles. And I have a feeling that unless I grab this by the horns, it is probably inevitable that she will do it herself and I won't know about it. Oh I hope I don't regret this decision...

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Boliath said...

You won't, she is bright child, she's as smart as you were as a young wan. You're meeting her half way, good for you good for her. Now I'm off to check out theis Bebo thing, I wouldn't ever have heard of it if it wasn't for you - god am I old or wha?

Bernie said...

One of my students just outed me on Bebo. It wasn't hard because I'm using my own picture but not my real name. I'll be watching the 'hood for people called "Red Mum".