Sunday, March 12, 2006

Irish blog awards

ARRRGGGG my head hurts, my mouth feels rotten and I can barely type. Obviously a good night then at the Irish Blog Awards then.

Firstly though well done Damien, what a job and what a great night. I had wanted to introduce myself but he was a busy man and I kept getting side-tracked.

It was cool to put faces to names and it was also very interesting to see the wide range of bloggers in the Irish community.

I have to say I was ridiculously nervous about meeting in the Cellar bar, my pal couldn’t understand this at all.

We thought the group in the corner were bloggers and they were so over we went where Sinead Gleeson, Thinking Out Loud, In Fact Ah, JL and others were.

After a fortifying glass of wine we trundled down in the rain to the Alexander Hotel and registered.

The lovely woman who registered me, sorry I didn’t get your name I blame it on the nerves, said ‘ohhh I judged you’.

Eek, I am so sorry for all my crimes, I promise not to be bold again. After a good laugh about that I spent my time following people outside for a ciggie, peering at name badges and chatting to Beth Bond.

One of the early jokes of the evening was the fact that both Fiona and Beth were wearing the same lovely coat, and after a little prodding allowed me to take one of the few pics I took of the evening.


While I took my camera I wanted to just relax and enjoy the evening free of snapping.

And I really did.

It was great as well that it didn’t start on time, it gave us that opportunity to meet and talk to each other, which was wonderful. I met Gingerpixel, Slugger (who was not ‘a token Nordie’ as he put it us Nordies were all over the place), Susy (who I know from many, many years ago) and Fiona.

After the fun and frolics of the awards with the representative from Twenty Major, 20 and a half picking up the outrageously large amount of awards, all well-deserved of course.

Twenty Major's stash of awards
Twenty' stash of prizes, left alone by 20 and a half, so that convinced me that it wasn't the actual real Twenty, who I reckon never would have left ipods lying about.

I can barely remember now who won everything but no doubt it is already posted up by someone.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it, I didn’t win:( but I got a massive cheer from my posse of pals including Kaz, cheers guys:)

I head off at one stage to find Dermot and found him earning myself a lovely big hug, delighted to meet you! It was also lovely to meet Bernie and Michele.

My posse decided that food was in order, so we kidnapped Beth and headed for pizza before heading back to my place with Beth where we drank and chatted for hours.

It’s always lovely to meet new friends.

So now I am nursing a delicate-ness from the excess of wine, I am burning a fry-up, drinking copious amounts of coke and tea and am ready to flop onto the settee where I shall spent the afternoon.

Now I should be doing a million things about the flat (a million apologies Beth for the state of the place).

Where are those aspirins?


Emma in Canada said...

Sounds like a brilliant night. Sorry to hear you didn't win, but I suppose just the get together was worth it.

fdelondras said...

I knew that photograph was a bad idea.... ;)

Was a great night - disappointed I had to rush off early, especially as it sounds like the night only got better. It does appear to look like it split a little along gender lines - boys off to cafe en seine for a feed of pints and women off for drinks and chats elsewhere?

Sinéad said...

Great to meet you and well done on that photo. Priceless.

Elana said...

I registered you :-). Damien was so mad when he realized you were there and missed you. Great to meet you!

Damien Mulley said...

Really wanted to meet you but I was running around nonstop last night. Finally sat down at 11pm I think. Thank you for coming along.

Beth Bond said...

Totally forgot about that photo! You got me good. Thanks for a great night - let's catch up again soon.