Sunday, March 12, 2006

Irish Blog Awards - a top tag on Flickr

I AM just about coming alive again after the festivities of last night and it is nearly time for bed.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's accounts of their evening, was there no one sober? I have also realised the amount of people that I didn't get to meet. Soon though I am sure.

Do check out Rymus's set of pic of the evening, they are wonderful.

Now I really HAVE to finish my column, I have been sitting here looking at the laptop before going 'oh just five minutes on the internet'.

But it was a worthwhile cause because look where the Irish Blog Awards has landed in the top tags of the day on Flickr.

Irish Blog Awards, nearly the top tag of the last 24 hours

The last time that happened was for the Dublin riots and for George Best! (well in my flickr time that I have seen.)

GeorgeBestTagWell done Flickrers1


KnackeredKaz said...

And ooh look there's me among the Most Interesting pics! Thanks Joe! Anyone see the Times today, was a lovely piece. Damn Red Mum why didn't you win? I could have been there with you basking in your reflected glory!

Red Mum said...

Ehm you are not 'among' the most interesting, it is the most interesting pic!