Thursday, February 09, 2006

Momia Roja: Looking good en español

BROWSING through the visitor stats, as you do, it is so bloody addictive. I discovered that a Spanish visitor used Google to translate my Come Away Everything’s A-Okay post into Spanish, and it looked lovely (you can see it at this link), Momia Roja liked it.

I also liked ‘Shitty First Draft’s’ translation to ‘el primer bosquejo de Shitty’ or ‘Most Sincerely Folk’s’ translation to ‘lo más sinceramente posible la gente’ and The Irish Times ‘los tiempos irlandeses’. Slugger stayed Slugger only it was probably said in a beautiful accent.

Gracias a mi visitante español por caer cerca.

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Hugh Green said...

Y'know that Momia in Spanish means 'mummy' as in the Egyptian type that chase around after Scooby Doo? ;)

Red Mum said...

LOL heartily, no I didnt. I did know that the translations from bablefish and google sometimes get it wrong.

So it should read Momia Roja: Looking different en espanol!