Thursday, February 09, 2006

Every parent's dream - a solution to untidy rooms?

I HAVE discovered how I may be able to ensure a certain level of cleanliness and tidiness in the Young Wan’s room by using technology.

Did you know that you can now download videos (maybe you have been able to for a long time- I just didn’t know) to Google Video where once it has been verified as non-porn you can either grab a html code to put onto your site or some one else can download it or just watch it on Google Video.

I experimented with this last week with a clip of Des Bishop’s ‘Joy in the Hood’ and more than 70 people have viewed it and one person has even downloaded it - check it out here. Google Video disallowed another clip probably cos it had cursing in it. I think the accents knocked Google off from discovering that there probably is cursing in the allowed clip but how and ever.

This brings me back to my grand plan of blackmail… Are you still following me?

Consider this clip below which was taken on Saturday, uploaded to Google on Monday, I inadvertently did not include information on it so it only became live today (Thursday), but it would normally be a shorter time. If your system cannot handle this here maybe this direct link will work.

You are watching the Young Wan and the little doggie do their version of Van Morrison’s ‘Brown-eyed girl’. There is another clip which isn’t yet live called ‘Yo momma’, if you fancy seeing this one search for it on Google Video from tomorrow (Friday).

Are you getting the possibilities for this yet.

If the Young Wan’s room is not tidy by Saturday evening I am posting a detailed and no-holds-barred video of her room onto the internet, onto this site and everywhere I can think of.

I am more than p*ssed off at the state of it at the moment and the fact that nothing has been done to change it.

I have already resigned myself to being shamed on the internet as the mother of someone with a room like this. How and ever I know from the visitors to Red Mum alone who came here searching for a ‘description of an untidy room’ and the like that I am not alone.

Will this change things? Who bloody well knows, I mean this is the child who is content to being friends traipsing through this bastion of filth so maybe the internet will not scare her at all. It would me. She appears suitably horrified at the thought anyway. So here’s hoping. You’ll either see the video next week or you’ll read a happier Red Mum on Monday.

I am going to have soooo much fun with this, apologies in advance if I bore you all too much with it.

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Emma in Canada said...

That is brilliant. I wish I had shown her the pictures of her bedroom that I posted on my blog, it might have worked. The room's much worse now anyway.

If it works for you, I might very well try it.

KnackeredKaz said...

Aw that's so cute! Though have to say the Wee Doggie looks absolutely bemused and totally 'oh here we go again, just leave me to lie in front of the fire will you?'

Is it wrong that when I doggie sat for you the other weekend I also spent HOURS forcing the dog to wave her paws about and even do the Time Warp? Thank God there wasn't a camera in the room! Jesus I hope the DSPCA isn't reading this!

Curly K said...

Ah Red Mum and all you other mothers out there, in defence of the young wan and all like her there are a few of us who can no longer be called "young wans" (33 doesn't qualify does it??) who also find a little difficult to have a tidy bedroom.

However seeing as I live alone and have not, as yet, invited Kim & Aggie in, I don't have the incentive of my mother 'outing' me in cyberspace. Maybe I should give my mum a crash course on the Internet and then invite her into my bedroom! (then again, maybe not - she does have very high blood pressure at the best of times!)

But I do know how the young wan is currently feeling with regard to your threat - I also have an imminent deadline as I have visitors coming next week so will most likely have to stop watching Kim & Aggie etc. and take some action!

May the force be with me!

Red Mum said...

LOL at Curly K. I'll be round in the morning with my video recorder!


Britmum said...

What a most excellent idea. I will store that for future reference. I hope it works out for you.

Emma in Canada said...

So what happened?

Omaniblog said...

Thank you ever so much for introducing me to the potential of Google video. I must learn all about it because any day now I am going to buy a video camera.

I feel you are banging your head against a brick wall over tidying the room. It is important that you lose this battle. Your daughter needs to win or else she may turn into a compliant heap. You might like to plan now how you can lose without losing too much face, thereby preserving your authority for my important matters - like whether she can come in at any old time in the night.