Monday, January 23, 2006

One more post about Ryanair

I PHONED Ryanair to complain this afternoon following the attitude of the woman at the check in desk and I also wanted to check the policy on suitcases and weight.

Only there is no complaints department, you have to write. Says a lot about the company really. And if I am being honest it would really put me off flying with them in the future. I have little interest in giving money to people who treat me like a bold child instead of a paying customer.

Apparently the weight rule is true and someone else told me that it is relatively new rule. And as a parent it is a ludicrous rule. Well not even as a parent, it is a stupid and nonsense rule. And all the better to get your money my dear.

Thankfully the Young Wan is 14 now and stronger than me and would actually be more capable of lugging a case about. (We discovered in Jordies over the weekend that the Young Wan could not only match and top both Jordie and my strength in an across the dining room floor arm-pulling wrestle type of thing, but she actually hauled us flying across the floor - scary)

I paid the adult price for her as Ryanair do not do children's prices and that's fine. But for convenience, ease, a million of things, I cannot imagine hauling over two cases say for a week's visit to someone for an adult and a younger child, never mind more than one child.

But hey this is the airline which charges people with disabilities money to use wheelchairs.

So I will, yes I WILL, write and complain that they do not think enough of their customers to have a complaints department and about this nonsense rule concerning baggage. Oh and of course that awful woman's attitude.

I was also told this evening by a taxi-driver that Ryanair are planning to decrease to a third the amount of baggage allowance from 15kg to 5kg and allowing you to bring 10kg on board. I can't remember how much you are allowed to bring on board, but either way this is reducing baggage allowance again.

So be warned cos all these things make your cheap ticket not so bloody cheap. And that is that, I will not be flying Ryanair again if I can help it. Book ahead with Aer Lingus is going to be my mantra.

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cc said...

What a nightmare! They sound about as reasonable as George Galloway and Pete Burns!!

Teenage Kicks said...

That happened to me, on my flight to paris with school and going to portugal with my friend and ur family. Its 5kg hand luggage, and one bag only. 15kg on the plane, and if u go over board u pay euros. sucks.

dunner said...

What they are doing is trying to stop people having to physically check in their luggage, thus cutting down on costs for them, not needing to have any check in counters or staff at the airport you just bring your bigger bag onto the plane with you. They really are a terrible airline, one of if not the worst, low-fare ones out there.

Anonymous said...

I am really annoyed with Ryanair, have you seen their website advertising cheap flights - Hottest Back to School fares? There is a woman wearing a school uniform, with mini skirt and shirt hiding nothing. This sort of advertising is trying to turn children into sex objects - Hello - look at the world we live in - its full of all that crap. Get that rubbish off the website, protect our children. What is wrong with this world..... Crazy

Anonymous said...

I hate Ryanair. NEVER fly with them. If you do - complain about their rip-off rules, filthy aeroplanes, non-existent and rude service, not-cheap fares, idiotic baggage poilcy and all their other lies.