Tuesday, January 24, 2006

George Galloway's cat on video

IF YOU have some time to kill check out Google Video, every funny thing you have ever been sent on video is there, try and search and see.

I found this clip of George Galloway humiliating himself set to music, it is not as good as my pal Jordie's Rula impression 'you have some cream on your whiskers darrrling' - excellent.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha
what an amazing guy!
if only more politicians took his attitude to life and were prepared to get on their knees and have a giggle! the world would be a much better place! Learn from this Tony!

Teenage Kicks said...

anon, am i the only one who thinks thats really stomach churning!?!?!? eughhhhh lol

Red Mum said...

Not in the slightest, it was beyond stomach churning, it was... well not exactly a vote gatherer.