Friday, January 13, 2006

It's heat time

IT'S that time again, the wee doggie has gone into heat again. And yes I do not want her with puppy so I will definitely get her sorted before the next time.


So as you can imagine we are being so careful with her. The poor baby’s walks have been curtailed because once again she has a full-blown doggie stalker, oh and he is a million times more determined than the last one which I wrote about here.


Not only that but he is also deadly cute and bloody ancient. He has taken to following the Young Wan and me about. He walked her to school this morning, walked me to the bus stop and nearly had the Young Wan barred from Tesco earlier this evening.

He is whining outside the window and has a sixth sense gauging very well the moments that anyone looks out the window and does his best pulllleeeeaaaasssee cute face.

And his whining has been matched only by the wee doggie. While I was getting ready to go to work this morning, she moaned and whined for about an hour.

I thought she was whining about her suitor being outside but she was whining because the Young Wan’s chair in her room wasn’t perfectly positioned enough for the doggie to look out the window.

Other times she gets all agitated pacing about the place before going into a full scale whine.

She is also pretending to need to go a lot – she gets outside, does a territorial pee has a fantastic sniff about the place before being brought back inside for a treat.

And that is when Scruffy as the Young Wan has named him isn’t hanging about which is all the time now.

So we have been bringing a jug of water with us when we bring her out.

I was looking out the window late the other night, as I do because there is nearly always entertainment out our window.

But I looked because I heard mad barking and there was Scruffy in the middle of the main road which was quiet only because it was about 1.30am barking and looking like a dog possessed.

A cyclist came by and stopped and tried to catch him for whatever mad reason and Scruffy took off with the cyclist following. It looked like the cyclist was worried and thought maybe Scruffy was more Lassie than horny. I laughed before going to bed.

Still there

Hopefully though it won’t end up like the last time when on three occasions strangers walking by and buzzed the flat to tell us our dog wanted in… I suppose I am lucky no one phoned the doggie protection people.

This current heat phase has been building up since just after Christmas so there are another couple of weeks to go.

So until then the wee doggie will continue to hump our cushions, sorry to our visitors in advance – when we get home in the evening the flat is like a battlezone where the wee doggie has battled and won against her deadly enemy the cushions – moan and whine.

Until then this is the closest she is going to get to another dog.

Doggie and doggie

Awful tiring this being in heat malarkey!

Hard work this play milarky

First fire after the summer

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Sinéad said...

Loved that post.
"Doggy romance" - priceless.

Disco Fred had to get the snip after injuring himself after one too many attempts to get romantic with our sofa cushions.

Sinéad said...

Apologies for the quotation marks, not sure what they're doing there.

Boliath said...

You need to get these:

HazelNutcluster said...

Look at that picture of Scruffy waiting hopefully outside! That has cheered me up today, thanks. Bless both their doggy hearts :)

We have a cat. I am a dog person. *Sigh*