Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The decorations are away, thank God

I'VE just taken down the Christmas decorations, well the Young Wan helped a lot, well her helping was me directing but sure, they are down and away in their boxes.

Thank God for that.

Christmas, now packed away...

Is it a case of ‘Bah Humbug’ to want them down, away and not collecting dust anymore?
Don’t get me wrong, I love getting our home cleaned, washed, tidied and dressed for Christmas.

But we live in an old and dusty house, a house which needs a serious amount of renovations, not to mention the fact that there is an open fire and don’t talk to me about the dust that creates particularly with peat briquettes.

So by the end of the festive season I just want it all away, packed away, and stored for next year.

Christmas packed away 04-01-2006 22-33-23

Now it is (PHEW) and all I need to do is to get my room back into normal year time mode. Ah but sure manyana, manyana – the decorations are away and the rest of it will get done eventually, won't it.

And I realise its not the 12th day, who cares, they have been up about 12 days so thats enough for me. The last time I was in the States they still had decorations up in mid-February. Bad luck keepin them up me arse! Pain in the arse granted, bad luck - come on!

Ach and the poor doggie is really missing her Nanny who left today to go home. Well we are all missing her, a lot. Though tough as it can be to have your Mammy in your small home(two mummys in one house - need I say anymore), it's always great to have her here too. The doggie is pining now and keeps jumping up to the seat by the window and looking out to see if she can see her or indeed the car.

Just then she demanded to be lifted up onto the Young Wan’s bed where Nanny was sleeping (it’s a high rise bed) to check if she was there and then wanted back down again when she knew for sure that Nanny wasn't there.

Poor baby. Time for some hugs.

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KnackeredKaz said...

Oh Mammy Dunne would have your guts for garters! She's a firm believer in not taking decorations down before January 6 and she won't budge! "It's Little Christmas" sez she "you can't take them down until January 6, Little Christmas". If I had my way though, I'd take everything down and just keep the tree, I love the sparkly lights.

Belated Happy Birthday to the Young Wan by the way! The card's in the post (well, it will be after today!)

Boliath said...

Before the 6th! No no you can't do that!

Poor doggie, tell her I'll see her next week and give her a big oul hug.

Emma in Canada said...

I took mine down on the 31st, unusually early for me, but the tree was driving me batty and I needed the space for the baby's new toys. Still have snow decorations on the wall, they usually stay up until March.