Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas one and all

SEASONS Greetings everybody and unlike many others who have probably wisely decided to give the auld blogging a break I will post sporadically here over the festive season.

We are having a lovely day here and we are still to have dinner. Unlike many other families we like having the Christmas dinner late.

So we seem to have done things in reverse from others, we spent the afternoon walking around the Phoenix Park which was really nice and I managed to get some pictures of eejits having a swing on a tree swing at one of the ponds in the park. However everyone else did look like they were walking off a hearty meal, not us.

Christmas Day fun

(I love this picture)

Even more Christmas Day fun

Last go on the swing on Christmas Day

Christmas Day shadows1

The walk took place after the present-opening part of the day.

The Young Wan was allowed to open her presents once we were all up but she spent the whole time feeling all her parcels trying to find the MP3 player that was her main present but she didn’t know that I also got her a CD player to replace the TWO that she has broken in the house over the last six months. So that was the big surprise for her and she’s delighted.

However I left her MP3 player to wrap until last and up until noon I could not find at all where I’d hidden it. The idea being that I would have her open all her other presents, give her the MP3 and THEN the CD player. It didn’t go according to plan… Well what does?

The trouble began on Wednesday when I came in after finishing up in work (involving a long lunch and drinks as well as the fact that it was my birthday) and she found it in my bag which was a b*llox.

But the secret was out and she spent all morning and last night trying to guess which present was the MP3 player and I kept stumm as I knew it wasn’t yet under the tree until I realised that being the merrier side of merry on Wednesday I could not remember where I put it.

We finally found it at about 3.30pm. Thank God!

And for the regular visitors here as she has been a bold girl a LOT over the year I was sooooo tempted to give her a bag of ashes… But sure it’s Christmas and at the end of day she's my wee baby.

Happy Christmas everyone XxX

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Happy Christmas Red Mum from the boys at In Fact, Ah.