Sunday, December 11, 2005

The fascination of strange searches #2

SINCE installing Google Analytics I have discovered the wealth of phrases and words that have brought people here.

I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago here and since the superiority of google analytics I realise that I have missed out on this bit of fun up to now by depending on the keyword analysis as provided by the otherwise pretty good statcounter site.

By far the two most searched for phrases have been related to ‘Georgie Best’ or the ‘Leinster Ladies rugby calendar’.

‘Glenda Gilson’ has figured more than once and ‘Glenda Gilson eyebrows’ has also figured, which made me laugh heartily, so I am definitely not the only one to notice their staticness or maybe someone likes them and wants them!, the mind googles, sorry boogles, boggles.

Aside from the ‘Leinster Ladies rugby’, searches have been made for ‘Sunday Tribune womens’ rugby’, ‘Dundalk women calendar’, ‘female rugby players’, ‘women rugby calendars’. Someone wanted ‘Leinster rugby womens’ calendar free pics’ – buy it you cheapo, someone else wanted ‘sexy womens rugby players’ and my favourite ‘lovely female rugby’ as opposed to not nice male rugby, that searcher looked for ‘french male rugby male calendar’.

The calendar theme is followed on by someone looking for ‘ Dundalk calendar’ then we get those who are looking for the more lets say aromatic side of blogging with ‘blogs with sexy pictures’ – ah gee thanks.

‘Ladies arses pictures’ or ‘pictures of ladies arses’ or ‘pics of women with big arses’ and ‘arses’ in general has featured, while someone, you know who you are, has looked for ‘suggs porn’!!!! Oh the eloquence of it all.

A couple of people have looked for various versions of minipops while someone else wanted to read and see ‘mini women’, I haven’t a ‘baldy notion’ as per the search of one visitor. I bet they were disappointed with what they found.

The ‘Spanking blogs’ visitor must have been wildly disappointed with their search while I may feel like a wannabe ‘sexy young mum’ I can’t help but feel that searcher must have felt a little let down with Red Mum’s contents.

There have been a couple of people looking for ‘body piercings’ or someone who is more on a power with me looking for ‘ouch body piercings’.

Someone wants to ‘get google earth Turkey’ while someone else (know anything about this JL Pagino?) searched for ‘google earth sunbathing’.

One person wanted to see a ‘pic of an untidy room’ which as some of you might know that while the Young Wan’s room is an ongoing saga I still cannot bring myself to shame myself with a pic of her room, and someone else was content with just the ‘description of an untidy room’ oh you will get it here darling!

The strangest search award has to go to ‘bono childbirth’, Jaysus I can’t bring myself to even contemplate what’s being that one.

Over the last couple of months I have noticed a number of people coming here via an images search and by far the most popular is the dark pictures I took at the Harry Potter book launch back in the summer.

Once in work on Monday if I have time I will have a fiddle with them and I will repost them they way I would have liked them to look in the first case.

Last Thursday at 2.20pm someone in Colarado, USA came here looking for my U2 pic, then 10 minutes someone in Thailand looked for the same pic.


Oh and to hell with the person who came here after searching with the phrase ‘I went to U2’ oh great rub it in, as this post will testify.

This cartoon is an ongoing popular favourite and it still makes me laugh…



My google earth findings have proved to be a popular pic while my other pic taken from during a lazy summer day’s shopping of a woman feeding pigeons.




If I wasn’t a lazy so-and-so I would link you to the posts these searches found themselves but Jaysus that would take forever.

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Boliath said...

"Google Analytics has experienced extremely strong demand, and as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In the meantime, please submit your name and email address and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts. Thank you for your patience."

Oooh well fancy that, I've got the hump now 'cos I can't have a Google Analytics thingiemajiggy, waah.

Red Mum said...

Google analytics is great and through that I found that someone came here via a search for 'boliath needs'. Mmhh have you a stalker?

Oh and someone also searched for 'the lovely man'+redmum!! Dunno who is getting the stalker there!