Monday, November 21, 2005

The fascination of strange searches

I ALWAYS enjoy those posts from bloggers where they spin a story around their visitors or my personal favourite samples of words and phrases that have brought people to your site.

So I have been collating some of my favourites. Of course there have been some dodgy visitors searching for very dodgy things, but they are not the people I am going to dwell on now.

Instead I feel sorry for the person who came looking for ‘big boobs mum’ or ‘women’s arses’ – you won’t find them here.

There have been umpteen visitors coming here after searching for the Leinster Womens’ Rugby calendar or the solitary visitor who came after searching for ‘uggghh Dublin’.

A couple of passed by after trying to find out ‘how much money does Bono have’ or ‘does Bono pay tax’ or ‘U2 Bono taxes’. Related to that is the couple of searches looking for information on the ‘artists’ exemption scheme’.

Others include ‘sexy Turkish delight’, ‘judging and misjudging people’ or ‘first impressions’ and a good Belfast saying ‘buck eejit’.

There has been a number of mum references including ‘mum poetry’, ‘Christmas presents for mum’s’ and ‘when to cut back mums’.

Some bizarre ones include ‘Julia Roberts Dundalk’, ‘Jamie Oliver hooker’ – oh do spill the beans and ‘Errol Flynn’s dog’.

But a personal favourite is ‘Glenda Gilson eyebrows’ so I am not the only person to notice them.

No doubt this will updated in the future as other people swing by with their weird and wonderful Internet searches.

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JL Pagano said...

Try having a blog with the word "shag" in the title - my main blog gets some searches that don't bear printing!