Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An overnight explosion of visitors

WHILE checking visitors to here, I was astounded to find there was an overnight explosion of visitors with more than 100 people stopping by since I looked late last night.

Yes I am a saddo, I find the information on visitors who stop by as provided by Statcounter.com absolutely fascinating, it is almost as addictive as blogging or flickr.

Some of the Slugger visitors
Some of the visitors who were online at the same time as me this morning

Statcounter shows you your last 100 page views and there were so many visitors since my last log in that a portion fell off the end of the information, if you know what I mean.

I reckon that easily 97 per cent of visitors since last night came via Slugger O’Toole where Mick offered his congrats at 12.05am this morning concerning my column news.

The visitors came from Budapest, England, Scotland, Ireland of course, Spain, Holland, all over the States, Finland, France, Mexico and New Zealand.

He he! can’t wait to check later, cheers Slugger (who must get a phenomenal amount of visitors) and thanks to everyone else who has offered their congrats and best wishes. I’ve been delighted with all your positive messages both here and on your own sites :)

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doris said...

Coo. Sounds fab! Methinks I need to backrtrack to find out what's been going on!

aoife said...

yay! well done you - just don't make the mistake I once did and call it the 'tallaght echo', they've rebranded, roight?! roll on the observer magazine column!

CyberScribe said...

The last blog (http://ricksbreakfastblog.blogspot.com) I looked at had the same complaint and it happened to me on Tuesday. Is there something sinister going on here, is Mick secretly trying to start a blogging cult.Or could it be worse "blog-grooming"?Who can we go to if we've been OTooled or Sluggered? :-)