Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wrinkles, eyebrows and permanent surprise

I HAVE a new wrinkle, or maybe it is not a wrinkle and instead is a emphasis point on my face for the young wan to realise that I am actually asking a question that requires an answer which will not be resolved with the blank look preferred by most teenagers.

The latest wrinkle has appeared above my eyebrow and I noticed it last night after the latest exchange with the young wan as I brushed my hair.

Where it is
Not me but it is there!

Above my arched eyebrow was an arched wrinkle, great. Next stop is the grey hairs, double great!! I may watch that arched eyebrow or I might start to look like Glenda Gilson, who looks more and more surprised each time I see yet another picture of her. *yawn*


Seeing as how there’s not much I can do to stop the auld wrinkle, creams etc aside, well nothing that I would do, such as botox-route, maybe I should just go full out on the Roger Moore eyebrows with a life of their own angle.


So when does a wrinkle become a wrinkle, I’ve had ‘expression lines’ on my forehead forever. In fact I always remember my Dad berating me for ‘being too expressionate’ as it would give me wrinkles.


Bear in mind this is the same man who brought me! Oil of Ulay (in the days before Olay) when I was seven years old and told to start taking care of my skin.

Of course, it wasn’t for me, it was for him. But being a man in a house full of testosterone and me at seven being the nearest to a woman and such products that was his excuse and he stuck to it.

So I suppose technically I have had wrinkles for years! *sighs*

Which brings me seamlessly along to something very funny I discovered here.

For April Fool’s Day a photographic magazine asked readers to clean up or ‘fix’ Dorothea Lange’s iconic The Migrant Mother photograph taking during the depression.

migmother1 migmother2
Before and after…

The comments from readers are very funny and worth reading. Check out the magazine's response to irate readers here.

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