Thursday, October 20, 2005

Top 10 design mistakes

Not being a design wizard or anything like it, I have been alerted to a link posted by a number of bloggers about design mistakes and it made me smile.

Jakob Nielsen’s top 10 design mistakes is very interesting stuff indeed and I will try to do more of what I am doing right and less of what I am doing wrong.

However, it is just me or is the design of the web page where you can find these top tips is simply yeuckkkk. It reminds me of the first internet pages I ever saw, very simple and text heavy with long long lines.

I don’t know whether it’s the useit interface or what, as I said tis far from a web wizard I am but the simplicity of it made me smile. Nevertheless it is a very interesting and informative article and well worth a read.

UPDATED (October 20, 11.50pm): *Redmum hangs head in shame* I said I wasn't a web wizard and Jakob Nielsen from what I have gathered on my blog surfings tonight is somewhat of a internet top dog. Hey what the hell do I know about design?

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