Thursday, October 20, 2005

Forgetfulness and updated blog links

I’VE been meaning to update my blog links for ages now so I did it tonight. And I know that I have probably forgotten others that I have also meant to include, but I will update again soon.

It’s a bit like when you hear an album and think I must remember to get that and the next time you are in HMV or wherever you stand there like a tool thinking ‘now what was it I wanted to get’.

A bit like blogging really, different things happen and at the time I think I must remember to write about that and then promptly forget.

So I bought a small book to carry about to jot down notes on whatever. Guess what?

After carrying it about for a couple of weeks and using two or three pages for blog notes, plus a couple of ripped out ones for phone numbers, shopping lists etc, I ehm keep forgetting to carry it.

Now I am not sure where it even is now. Sigh And yeah yeah I give out about the young wan.


Claire (gingerpixel) said...

Wow, linked by Redmum, that's made my day :)


Red Mum said...

Been meaning to do my blog list update for ages now.