Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tetra's awful week

POOR Tetra has just had an awful week. I previously reported on how she discovered that Ratty had come to visit and since then which was the start of August, she has been staying with the country boyfriend.


And it’s been great, he lives near me so we get to meet up a lot and do nice things, like having pints or meeting for coffee, having dinner.

Until Saturday night that is when they had the mother of all arguments, their biggest since they met and she called me at 1.45am upset asking could she come by.

In the argument, the country boyfriend charmingly told her that he didn’t want to see her again. It is not even worth going into what started the argument, just that it was absolute nonsense.

Bear in mind, everything she needed was in his place, she could go back to her apartment but would be confined to the bedroom which Ratty was unable to access.

Being more upset than angry, she was mostly bemused about what had just happened. So we had a glass of wine, chatted and then off we went to bed.

This is probably the last thing anyone needs when they are effectively homeless and already living out of a bag.

The homeless situation will continue until she is positive the rat/s has/ve been caught, and that the measures taken have been effective.

Aside from which the whole kitchen has been pulled apart and she cannot do anything either until she gets a carpenter in.

So they met up the next day and he continued with the ‘it’s over’ line, she grabbed her stuff and called me tearfully to come and meet her.

Wearing an auld bleach splattered velvet tracksuit, which I am never seen out of the house in, I made my way to where she was waiting, casting dignity to the wind.

It seems that carrying all her worldly possessions after such devastating news was just too much and she dumped one bag of her stuff in a bin and continued on her way.

Despite constant cajoling, she just would not go back so we could collect it now that we had more hands.

We went to mine and talked, drank wine, smoked cigarettes and tried to work out what looney behaviour was going on with the country boyfriend.

One upset Tetra finally went to bed.

The next day, he rang, despite Tetra thinking he would not, and he begged her forgiveness.

I say make him sweat and she did for two days. She met up with him last night and didn’t come home to me… Huh making him sweat indeed…

Anyway we found a solution to her homeless problem, for Christmas her aunt bought underwear as part of her present. The knickers are the biggest thing I have ever seen.

While Tetra has been glad for them, living out of bags as she is, and the fact that the country boyfriend had her laundry ticket over the last couple of days didn’t help, I told her that she could move into them, solving her homeless problem.

Tetra's new home
Nice and roomy - good views also

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Anonymous said...

I have a fetish for women in big pants. Maybe Tetra would like to come live with me.

Austin, Texas

Steve said...

I have just read an email from a guy who is desperate to find his marquee that blew away in the high winds last weekend. You dont think they could be connected do you?

Red Mum said...

LOL at Steve, don't know if Tetra's knickers are connected but I do believe they can be hired out for weddings and birthdays.

Teenage Kicks said...

only tetra could possibly get that for a christmas present! haha... like my name redmum? lol...guess who :P...