Wednesday, September 07, 2005

One of the millions of Hurricane Katrina Stories

I have just come across an account of one Hurricane Katrina survivor, Michael Holman and his epic journey getting out of the city, the sights, the incidents, everything. It is absorbing reading and worth a stop-by.


A woman who sat beside her dead husband for five days.



His telling of the days after the hurricane is startling and his rendition of his and a motley crew of others escape from a camp with their dogs and cats is heartfelt.

Here's a taster:

On the refugee camp’s perimeter there was a girl named Robin from my neighborhood who wanted to save her cat, and a guy we just met named Carlos who was trying to get to LaPlace, so we teamed up. It was an odd group. Me with two dogs, Carlos who is an African American guy who works in the oil business, and Robin, a skinny white girl who paints movie designs or something like that. So we slipped out at 3 AM and walked along the side of I-10 to Clearview, and then walked through the dark and destroyed neighborhoods until I was on Airline Highway. Amazingly the police never stopped us, I think because we were such a bizarre grouping, and we weren’t shot by the looters or vigilante groups trying to stop them.

Michael's post is entitled One of the Millions of Hurricane Katrina Stories.

Pictures were taken from a BBC news special on the hurricane broadcast on September 6. Hurricane Katrina


Fi said...

The Blog you've highlighted was very well written thanks for bringing it to my attention.

doris said...

That BBC news special was very interesting and poignant. Do you supposed they were biased the way they kept interspersing with updates of where Bush was on holiday?!

Red Mum said...

The BBC was very biased about Bush and great.

There is no way they could have prevented this, there is no way they could rescue everybody.

I dont think we could or should expect miracles, but neither would I have ever thought that people would be left to rot as they were, and they really were.

I found it very interesting that the BBC report was very scathing about Bush, very much so.

Of course the hurricane and the damage is not his fault, but the inaction in the subsequent days is. We don't expect superman but we do expect action.